Sunday, July 13, 2008

Make Money Online With Google

To make money online is easy with Google adsense. There is no get rich quick or retire in 30 days plan with making money on the internet. The plan is simple…..Write about content you love whether its cars, dogs or airplanes and you will make money. How much money depends on several factors. The amount of traffic your website receives affects the amount of pay. The rate the web traffic click the ads will vary the amount paid. With Google you are interested in long term pay. As your website site matures and content is added the website will grow and produce a world of wealth. If you stay excited about a topic the content pages will ad up along with the revenue. Think of your website as real-estate, actually a vast plantation in the middle of a resort. Each page is like a rental house. As the plantation develops and matures with content (houses), the revenue will increase. Your website is the same way. The more pages you have the more opportunities you have at producing money. In conclusion write about what you love and add content often and you will make money.

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