Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How AdSense Works

Don't like to read a lot of text? Watch this 4-minute video on how AdSense works.
And now for the text version of how AdSense works...
If you go to and do a search for almost any keyword phrase, you'll notice some "Sponsored Links" that appear on the right side of the screen that are relevant to the keywords you just searched for.
Website owners pay Google to display these ads and are charged a predetermined amount every time their ad gets clicked by a web surfer. With the AdSense program, you will display these same text ads on your site just like Google and get paid for it as well.
All you do is copy and paste some provided HTML code into your pages and Voila! the ads will show up. Every time an ad is clicked on your site, you will receive a certain percentage of what Google receives from the advertiser.
Once your account reaches $100, you'll receive a check in the mail.

How Google Matches the Ads to Your Site's Content

One of the main reasons this program is so successful is because the ads that are

displayed closely match the content of your website. This increases the chances that

someone will click on the ads.

Here's how Google accomplishes the content match...

"...We go beyond simple keyword matching to understand the context and content of web

pages. Based on an algorithm that includes such factors as keyword analysis, word

frequency, font size, and the overall link structure of the web, we know what a page is

about, and can precisely match Google ads to each page."

So let's say you have an information website about yoga. Once you join AdSense and paste

their ad code into your site, Google's technology will determine the topic of the pages

by scanning for keyword repeats, page title, etc.

If successful, you will see ads that relate to yoga displayed on your web pages. Of

course, the more related the ads are to your site's content, the better the click-thru.

Keep in mind, the ads may not be an exact match because it depends on the ads inside

Google's database. So instead of seeing yoga ads, you may see more generic ads like

exercise, healthy eating, etc. This is not a bad thing because these are topics your

visitors will likely be interested in as well.

Make Money With Google AdSense ?

What is AdSense? earns

most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result

pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords.

Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by placing these

same text ads on your site. In other words, you're helping Google advertise and they pay

you a percentage of what they earn.

This program is called AdSense.

Every website owner should be involved in this. It's just too good of an opportunity to

pass up. Even if your site is just for information purposes, you can still participate

and make decent money with AdSense -- or at least enough to fund your website.

So if you are one of those people that don't like the idea of paying for a site, this is

an excellent way to earn your money back and then some.

Even if you earned as little as $10 in a month, it would more than likely cover some or

all of the costs for your web site. Perhaps you are simply looking for ways to add

additional revenue to your website, then it's perfect for that situation too.

This program is getting so popular, people are creating websites just to display the ads

and profit from Google's AdSense alone.

I don't usually like to use the term "easy money" because there really is no such thing.

You still have to create your own website and learn how to bring in traffic in order to

make good money with this program.

I certainly don't want to make it sound like you get something for doing absolutely

nothing. There's no such thing.

However, I've got to say that AdSense is probably the closest you'll ever come to fast

money on the Internet -- especially if you already have a website that gets a good amount

of traffic.

What's even better...the program is completely free. You can also use it on multiple

websites and there is no limit to the amount you can earn.

Why I Believe AdSense Works So Well

For years, website owners have tried to make money from their sites

by putting up banner ads in hopes of visitors clicking them. The

problem with banner ads is that the Internet audience is so immune to

them, people do not click on them anymore.

When's the last time you clicked a banner ad?


Second, in order for the web site owner to earn money from that

banner ad, usually the web surfer that clicks has to purchase

something. With AdSense, your visitors just have to click the ads.

They don't have to purchase a single thing.

Third, most people that use banner ads do not do a good job of

matching the ads to the website's content so the click thru

percentages are dismal.

With Google's AdSense, not only are you displaying text ads,

(which tend to receive a much higher click-thru rate than banner

ads), but you are displaying contextual ads that match your website's

content....thanks to Google's advanced technology.

Lots of times people think the ads are part of your site's content so

they click because the information is relevant to your site. Whereas

with banner ads, they often have little relevance and people tend to

ignore them no matter how much they flash and fly across the page.

Make Free Money With Google

Have you received your check from Google?
If you own a business web-site you should be receiving a check from Google. Why not accept a check every month from Google by placing their ads on your site?
Google AdSense allows you to serve text-based Google AdWords on your web site, (ads are relevant to your web site subject) and receive a share of the pay-per-click payment. There are pay-outs of 50 cents or more per click being achieved through AdSense. It is simple to join and it's free.
Go to and you should be serving Google AdWords usually within 24 hours.You can choose between either horizontal or skyscraper AdSense ads, and they also have a large variety of color schemes to choose from. After your site has been approved you will paste a code into your site and the text ads will appear. Always backup your site before you paste your code, as you may decide to change your AdSense location.
Google also is doing a good job of finding ads that are highly relevant to your site. They go beyond simple keyword matching to understand the context and contents of web pages. They are able to know what a page is about, and can precisely match Google ads to each page. Then they also give you the ability to block certain ads from appearing on your site if you choose.
So what are you waiting for?
It's Free and you get paid!