Sunday, July 13, 2008

Improving your CTR for Google adsense


Clickthrough rate (CTR)
The number of ad clicks divided by the number of impressions for the page of ads that appears when a link unit is clicked.

I read constantly about how most people don’t “make a lot of money with google.” I hear quotes” my CTR (click thru rate) is low and “how do I improve my CTR.” When I visit the site and I have to look all over the page to discover the ad, that is a problem. Here are three solutions and its simple “Google adsense 101.” The first method to increasing CTR is maximum units allowed. Google AdSense program policies allow you to place up to three ad units and three link units on any page. That’s right 6 units. When I scan a page and can barely find one ad unit that’s an indicator of major money problems. Use the maximum allowed units to increase CTR.

That was the easy solution; the second method is a little tricky. Ad unit placement. The ads need to be high profile. The top banner need to be that a “top banner” you should use 728 x 90 leader board. Second use two vertical 160 x 600 wide skyscrapers stacked on top of each on a long page or to the left and right of an article on a short page. The link units are a very useful tool for your web user looking for info and should be used accordingly. A horizontal unit below the tool bar is the top used unit reported by most website owners. The unit is small and does not interfere with the article and the unit will contain the info the reader may be interested in. If the content is great the unit will interest the web visitor and the unit will be utilized. The other units can be placed below the skyscraper or embedded in the article or at the end of the article.

The third method for increasing CTR is ad color recognition. Ad color also affects CTR. Choose the appropriate colors for maximum CTR. I prefer the standard color. I try not to blend or change any of the colors. I feel that most web users respect Google ads and use them to find info if they are interested. This recognition has helped the advertisers spending their hard earned money come to trust Google. Other web owners want to change or blend the ads. Fool around and see which colors work for you.

If you follow these 3 steps your CTR will increase dramatically and revenue will sky rocket.

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