Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Essential Tools You Need to Start Making Money on eBay

I have posted quite a lot of eBay articles here. These articles have covered most of the aspect of eBay business such as how to start an eBay business, improving eBay business performance, how to find high demand products in eBay and identifying profitable eBay niches.

However, I haven't talked about a basic but important topic of eBay selling, which is what are the tools needed to start and run an eBay business successfully. This article outlines some of the tools that you will required if you want to make money online by selling products on eBay.

Compute and Internet
The most basic tools that you need are obviously a computer with a fast speed Internet access. You probably possess them already. But you should make sure that your computer and internet connection are reliable for your eBay business.

Business Phone and Fax Line
Selling on eBay means that you will have to communicate with your buyers and send some documents. It is therefore crucial that you have your own business phone line and fax machine set up.

Business Cards
Business cards are also important to your eBay business. If you include your business card with the shipments, you'll make your customers feel that you are a professional seller. It also means that your customers have got your contact information. Whenever they want to buy anything from you again, they know how to contact you.

Initial Capital
Starting an eBay business doesn’t require a lot of money. But, you do need to have some start-up fund ($300 - $400). You'll need to purchase some of the tools discussed in this article.

Website as a Marketing Tool
Building a website will help make your eBay business grow faster. By creating a website with your own domain name, you can market your products to more potential buyers. The topic and content of your website should be directly relevant to what you are selling on eBay. With links to your eBay auctions and eBay store included to your content pages, you will direct your website visitors to your auctions to view the products your are selling. This will mean more people will view your auctions. The more exposure your auctions get, the more sales will probably generate.

Digital Camera
You definitely require a digital camera for taking photos of your physical products. eBay buyers generally want to see how the product looks like before placing a bid. So, you should include at least two product pictures for each auction. Good and quality photos that show different angle of your products can trigger the viewers' buying interest.

With these tools prepared and ready, you will be able to start and run your eBay business smoothly; and ensure that you wouldn’t face any eBay selling problem due to lacking of one or two essential business tools

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